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  An exclusive ERP solution for Construction
  Feb 10, 2015|by Sudheer  Nair, CEO -eresource infotech   Niton Valve   Feb 2, 2015
  It is not a surprise that enterprises all around the globe are relying heavily on ERP systems as a cost efficient alternative to their legacy software systems. Till recently implementation of an ERP system required high financial investment. However, many mid-market organizations are implementing web-based low-cost ERP to manage their business process smoothly and effectively. Read More>>>    

eresource ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource Planning system that offers best-practice support for multi-mode enterprises in a broad range of Industries. In today's aggressive business environment it is essential to be prepared to face a vast and competitive world.

  Work force on Cloud   Ashish Interprise Pvt Ltd   eresource expands its wing in UAE
  eresource nfra ERP is web-based software, hence a user can log in form anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available. There is no specific installation required at the client machine to make use of the system Read More>>>     You may be aware that eresource has opened its UAE office in Sharjah recently and started serving our clients in the Middle East region directly under the supervision of this office which is named as eresource MiddleEast (FZE).
  Specific ERP systems for Project Industry   Tanushree Logisitics Pvt Ltd   ERP is a vital component of a successful company's
growth plan
  March 1, 2015 April 7,2015
  Project-based companies face challenges of managing complex projects where each job looks similar and is in need of Enterprise Resource Planning that can provide a specialised solution for these companies...
Read More>>
    Specialty of eresource is our Guaranteed on-time Implementation method which is getting applauded by all our customers and our latest implementation in the Middle East region has completed in a record-breaking 20-days time, indeed a great achievement
  eresource launches Nfra ERP, an ideal solution for project-based industries       Intelligently integrated eresource ERP
February 9, 2015| by Ganesh P S EE Karachiwala May 25,2015
eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an already established Indian ERP firm, that has a strong foothold in the Indian and Middle East market now launched eresource Nfra ERP, an ERP solution explicitly designed for the infrastructure and project-based industries. Read More>>>
Enormous amount of data is one of the major issues that many companies are struggling to handle today. This is because many of these companies are 'oversoftwared' presently, and unless they come out of this tangled situation by implementing an enterprise solution that could handle data intelligently with an efficiently integrated with BI (business intelligence) module, they are going to be backtracked in their effort to revive their business strategies.

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ERP for Construction ERP for Fleet Management
ERP for Project Based Industry ERP for Printing and Packaging
ERP for Oil and Gas Preventive Maintenance System
ERP for Manufacturing Trading ERP
Estimation & Budgeting ERP for Life Science
ERP for Architecture ERP for Infrastructure
ERP for EPC Contractor Machine Maintenance

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